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Braces For Kids Have Made Dramatic Changes Including Choice Of Color And Style

Children do not always have the perfect set of permanent teeth they or you would prefer they have. They could take perfect care of them by brushing and flossing regularly but, if they grow in crooked or uneven you may need to go down the Braces For Kids road. A visit to the orthodontist will determine if braces are needed. They are used to straighten teeth through applying pressure. The braces are left on for various degrees of time and it will depend on the child and the duration needed to correct them.

There are many different styles including the ones most are familiar with which includes wires and rubber bands designed to align the teeth by gradually moving them. Some children may need to wear the style known as head or neck which is a larger set attached from wires to the teeth and a piece that will be secured to the head, these are used for quicker or more severe cases.

New Styles of Braces

Braces are no longer the massive steel common in years past. They are available in numerous colors and styles. The metal is the most common; however, they are available in a color that is close to the color of teeth which makes them less noticeable. The bands help to ease the embarrassment many children feel when wearing them. They are available in colors such as red, silver, and pink, purple, black and yellow or they can choose to mix the colors.

Extremely popular are the glow in the dark braces that are available in a variety of neon colors. They actually glow when the lights are out. This style has become quite a fashion statement among kids of all ages. The availability of different colors helps the kids to be more confident in wearing them and many are anxious to show off their new color. Kids are becoming more aware of the importance to having a great set of teeth and the availability of the different styles and colors of braces make the process simpler for many. Having a new color that is different than everyone else is a new fashion statement for kids.

Most kids will not need to get braces until around the age of seven. Dentists recommend waiting and seeing how their development progresses before fitting them as their mouth size and structure will change over certain years of age. The majority of dentists will say that a child over the age of thirteen may have completed the development of the structure of their teeth and it may be more difficult to change. The optimum age according to consensus is the ages of ten to thirteen When the permanent molars come in they may affect position or shape of the teeth.

There is no way to defy the fact that braces are expensive. If you have dental insurance the policy will vary and could pay for a certain percentage or have a set amount that they are willing to pay. Even with insurance the cost can be phenomenal. A visit to the orthodontist can set many back thousands of dollars. Often times there may be other work needed prior to putting on the braces. If the teeth are over crowded the orthodontist may have to pull a tooth or two or they may need a separator for widening the mouth if it is to narrow.

Braces could have to be worn for two to three years in some cases. They will need to be changed to adjust the fit which is normally around every six to eight weeks. Which means an office visit charge and depending on the orthodontist a charge for a new set? Some will charge a flat rate and others will charge per replacement.

There are many benefits to the wearing of braces, especially for children. Before the teenage years it will be less painful for the work and may be easier to correct. Older children may have to have extensive work such as removing teeth prior to being fitted for them.

Getting your child used to the idea of correcting their teeth may be a difficult challenge for many but, should be discussed beforehand. It is important for them to realize they are not the devastating pieces of metal they see as ruining their life. Gently discuss the future of their smile and how they may feel uncomfortable with the idea when they become adults their teeth will provide an amazing smile.

One question many children have is if they will hurt while wearing. Do not tell them it will not have any pain as the child should be aware of the discomfort that may be associated with the adjustments. Many dentists are happy to schedule the adjustments on a Saturday or after school time so the child will not have to be in any possible discomfort while at school.

Take into consideration any extra curricular activities your child may be involved in such as band or a sport. If the child plays a musical instrument the braces may interfere with this, however, it is not always the case. For the best information request the orthodontist speak with your child regarding the instrument they play. Sports should be addressed as well, especially if they need to wear a mouth guard.

The one thing most kids complain about is the change in their eating habits. Eating certain foods can damage the braces. They will need to avoid hard candy and foods that are difficult to chew. They will need to keep the cleaning up at all times to avoid any build up of bacteria.

The best advice for any parent is to begin your Childs visit to the dentist a regular routine from as early an age as possible. If the child sees a dentist on a regular basis they will be able to note any progress and change their dental needs. Braces For Kids is something many parents have to go through. It is expensive and could be painful for the kids but, it is crucial for children to have repairs done before reaching adulthood.


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