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We can help you figure out the type of braces that will be best for you and can help you find a way to pay for them. Discount Dental Plans can help you with the cost of braces. Below you can check to see your your current dentist participates in Discount Dental Plans or find a new dentist that will allow you to save your braces.
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Cost of Braces

Typical costs:
  • Fees average $5,413 but can go up to $7,625 for straightening your teeth with traditional braces (orthodontics), according to Add about $500 for "tooth colored" ceramic brackets; and behind-the-teeth (called lingual or concealed) braces are an additional $2,000-$5,000.
  • As an alternative, the Invisalign company says its clear plastic trays start at $3,500 and average around $5,000 nationwide, but can cost more. Most dental plans cover orthodontics for children up to age 18, but not for adults.
What should be included:
  • Modern braces are smaller and more comfortable than past "railroad tracks." A metal or ceramic bracket is attached to each tooth with glue or a metal band; an arch wire runs from bracket to bracket, putting pressure on the teeth to move in the desired direction; and small colored elastics hold the bracket on the arch wire, although some brackets don't need elastics. According to, metal braces tend to require the least amount of time to move your teeth, but are the most visible; ceramic braces are less visible, but treatment can take a few months longer and they aren't strong enough to correct severe bite problems.
  • Invisible outside your mouth, iBraces use metal brackets installed only on the tongue side of your teeth. They require specialized training to install, treatment can take a few months longer and they might not work for severe situations.
  • Instead of brackets and wires, Invisalign uses computer-fabricated clear plastic "aligner" trays; you switch to a new (numbered) aligner every two weeks. Invisalign isn't good for severe bite problems and some patients may still need traditional braces for a few months. A 40-something woman gives a good overview of her personal Invisalign experience on
Additional costs:
  • You can have your brackets gold-plated for a jewelry-type look; in bright colors such as purple, pink, green or black; or shaped like hearts, flowers, footballs or other images from Wild Smiles Brackets. View some of the possibilities at And Bracket Jacketz offers inexpensive plastic covers in a wide range of shapes, including letters and symbols. These options can add $5-$300 or more to the total cost.
  • For dental college clinics offering reduced rates for services by supervised students or faculty, visit
  • Dental societies may pay part of the costs for low-income patients; visit the American Dental Association for your state organization.
Shopping for braces:
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How Much Are Braces?

In today’s economy many people are considering not having children simply due to the overall costs for the next 18 years or so. One of the most common expenses that you can expect when you have children is braces. How much are braces seems to be a very typical question among parents who are approaching this stage. Here are some basics that will give you some tips and tools that you’ll need when finally making the leap to get your child or children braces.

In the beginning there are many steps and appointments that are going to be involved within the first few weeks. You will no longer be speaking with your dentist about braces, but with a licensed orthodontist instead. The orthodontist will sit down with you and your child and take x-rays and discuss the possible treatment options. Braces are no longer just full of metal and brackets. In fact, you can now get your child braces that can be taken off when they eat or for other occasions.

The cost of braces will depend on the materials or type of braces that you choose to get. As mentioned before there are braces that you can get that will allow your child to either only wear them at night or through the day, depending on the condition of the teeth. These are popularly referred to as Invisalign braces. Of course the regular, everyday metal brackets will never be able to go out of style, and most parents do like to stick with tradition.

You will want to make sure that you pay close attention to the price of the braces. When you are looking into how much are braces you want to make sure that you get the best price. Each orthodontist that you could be referred to will have a different price and your dental insurance is only going to cover so much. It is important to know what your child needs and know what you can afford upfront so that you avoid getting the run around.

The typical cost of braces will be somewhere around $4,500 to $10,000 altogether. The amount of work that needs to be done on the teeth will essentially determine the cost. If your child has very crowded or crooked teeth, you can expect to pay more towards the higher end of those numbers. An exact quote will be required for you to pinpoint the exact cost since every child’s requirements are unique.

The total cost will include everything that needs to be done from start to finish. Most orthodontists these days will be able to work with you on some kind of payment plan. Make sure that you plan on putting a payment down up front as well as throughout the entire procedure. This can either be done through in-house financing or you can get a medical credit card to fund the procedure.

Make sure that you also plan for what is needed once the braces are taken off. When you are looking into what braces cost, you need to think about retainer fittings and changes as well. Retainers also get lost in a variety of strange places so make sure to set aside some extra cash for the possibility of replacements. We are dealing with kids here.

While braces may seem like a pretty expensive procedure the fact of the matter is they’re quite worth the cost. If you or your child are in need of a teeth makeover ask yourself how much are braces and are they worth it? After 2 or 3 years of use you will see and reap the benefits of braces for a lifetime!

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